Get yourself some Bitcoin!  Bitseven is Bitcoin IN and Bitcoin OUT meaning the user must START and END with Bitcoin regardless of the currency you decide to trade.  The most popular platform to buy/sell cryptocurrency is Coinbase.  Once you’ve got your Bitcoin in your personal wallet then head over to Step #2



Once you have your Bitcoin click the banner above or click HERE to be directed over to the Bitseven platform to begin trading and register an account.  Check out the video below for a step-by-step tutorial!

*While signing up for Bitseven, the registration page asks for a “phone number”.  Please note that there is NO text message verification or 2FA required after entering the phone number, and doesnt even have to be your own!  Just enter a random number from the country you’ve selected.  Check out the below video for a tutorial and happy trading!  Welcome to the team!

“After trading on virtually every single leverage trading platform over the last 3 years, Bitseven ranks at the top of my list for beginners.  Great for someone who is new to trading” – Crypto Joe


Right after completing the account registration you should login and enable 2FA (two factor authenticator) in order to keep your account and Bitcoin safe and secure!  Please click HERE to view the Bitseven Account Security Page.  You can download Google Authenticator on the Google or Apple App Store.


Time to deposit your Bitcoin!  Head over to the “Account” tab at the top of the Bitseven Homepage to make your deposit.  DO NOT deposit your life savings of Bitcoin here, ONLY the amount you intend to trade with. 

I recommend no more than $100.00 USD if this is your first time trading.  Remember $100 traded with 10X leverage is now a $1000 trade!  Deposit a small amount until you grow more comfortable with trading.  The minimum deposit and trade size is .0005 Bitcoin (roughly $30 USD)


Begin Trading!  Congratulations you’re now ready to leverage trade your Bitcoin on the Bitseven Exchange!  I encourage all of you to join my free Telegram group and subscribe to my YouTube channel linked in the buttons below for more Bitseven and Bitcoin Trading content.  Happy Trading!